Who Is The Chair?

Since 1994, Justin Tamsett has been involved with REX Roundtables initially as a member and now the Chair. He has now chaired over 160 Industry Leaders Roundtables after attending 31 as a member.

Why JT Does What He Does?

What Keeps JT Moving Forward?

Why JT Loves Roundtables

I have spoken to over 177,000 people in 18 years face to face, delivering 312 presentations across 17 countries.

2016 was my 11th consecutive year of running The Industry Leaders Roundtables making it the longest running collaborative thinking group in Australia for fitness business owners. In 2016, I chaired 23 Roundtable meetings in Australia & the US and in 2017 we have committed to launch an Industry Leaders Roundtable in New Zealand

In my business Active Management we have over 600 members that joined our on-line program in 12 months. I would suggest this makes us the fastest growing online platform for fitness business owners.

I have helped Chantal take us to over 485,000 downloads of The Fitness Business Podcast which makes the Fitness Business Podcast the number 1 podcast on the planet.

And finally, since 2015 I have committed to training on average a different gym every week of the year.  Since making this commitment I have trained in over 262 fitness businesses:

  • 156 big box gyms in Australia, US, UK, New Zealand, Mexico, India, Russia;
  • 69 boutiques including spin, circuit, boot camp, cross-training;
  • 19 hotel gyms
  • 12 PT studios
  • 6 cross fit boxes

I share this with you not to impress you but impress upon that I am a very different business coach and facilitator in the worldwide fitness industry.

The Industry Leaders Roundtable is different from every other program available to professionally and personally develop you.


The Industry Leaders Roundtable is by invitation only. Fill out this short form to see if you are a fit to join the Industry Leaders Roundtable in Australia, New Zealand, USA or Europe.

You Must be:

  • The Managing Director, CEO or Business Owner
  • Your are committed to raising the standard for your business
  • You and your company are open to innovative thinking
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