What Happens At A Meeting?

Here are some comments from our current members after their first meeting

"Nothing like I have ever experienced!"
"That was so different from what I expected. And different in an amazing way."
"The candor and genuine caring in the room blew me away."
"After the first meeting, I feel privileged to join these owners."
"I've got enough to do's from just one meeting. This is just what I need."


Members have the opportunity to help shape the agenda for their meeting by sending through what they would like to discuss. Items are categorized into 3:


Success to Share. Your peers can learn from what you have done and this is where you'll get the rare pat on the back for an owner. It is your turn to shine.


Question. Using the collaborative method to determine your direction, you can pose a question to the members who will share their answers. With a group of different thinkers, you sometimes have 10 varying answers or a unanimous solution.


Idea To Run Up The Flag Pole. Sometimes we have an idea in our business and we need to talk it out with people who understand the situation, to gain greater clarity. Sometimes we have a weird and wacky idea that we want to see if people think will fly. And sometimes we are bereft of ideas, so being in an incubator of ideas is the best thing to stimulate your next 'oak tree'.

Members can also ask for specific education topics.
This could lead a presentation, a guest speaker, handouts, website links or discussion in the group.
The result of what members have asked for is the meeting agenda.


Each Roundtable have their own idiosyncrasies. Common elements of every Roundtable:

  • How Full Is Your Fuel Tank? In small business, so much of the business energy comes from the driver – you. This is a self-evaluation exercise to identify what level your tank is and what you need to re-fill it. We don't just look at your business fuel tank either!
  • What Are You Reading Or Listening To? This is sharing the names of books or podcasts that you have gained value from. It's not just sharing the book name, it is also sharing the value or learning.
  • Winningest Strategy. You look back and analyse everything you have done since we last met and identify the best thing you have done! It could be in regard to the business or it could be personal. In essence you answer: what did you do; what did it cost you; what did you get in return; and would you change anything next time.
  • Innovations. Sharing any new apps, websites, software or any other technology to help the efficiencies of the business.
  • Chew The Thin Time. Sometimes we just split into duos or trios and have time to just talk. No agenda, just a time frame to talk through business and personal issues.
  • Numbers.Numbers. Numbers. Every meeting we look at numbers in the business. One of the best ways to learn from each other is comparing what the best performers in specific numbers are doing in their business. We can compare numbers, rank performance and annalyse what needs to be done to improve.

One of the most exciting and unique aspects of the Industry Leaders Roundtables is at meetings we have THE HOT SEAT.
This is where we dedicate meeting time to help one specific member.

The Hot Seat experience involves:

  • Site inspection (if appropriate)
  • Mystery Shopping - online and offline
  • Website and social media reviews
  • Meeting with staff
  • Meeting with members
  • Analysis of the business and marketing plan
  • Analyzing the profit and loss
  • And most importantly meeting the brief the owner of the business gives the group

The Hot Seat for many is the most exciting, nerve racking, confronting and strength building exercise that takes place. We learn how to accept feedback and how to deliver feedback.

Some meetings include activities in the agenda. Not surprising one such activityis working out in the facility–often several times to get a different feel. Other activities may include visits to other businesses to learn from them, team building activities, and other leisure activities. These are designed for fun and are generally optional.


After a meeting, you are asked to identify your focus between meetings:

  • What 2 projects are you working on to achieve your strategic plan?
  • What 2 numbers are you working on to achieve your numbers?
  • What 2 personal goals do you have to keep yourself fueled to work at your highest level?


Our main method of communication between meetings is our closed Facebook group. This is a powerful forum exclusive to your Industry Leaders Roundtable where you bounce operational based questions around and have answers within 24 hours. This will save you time, energy and resources.

We also work in duos or trios between meetings to help with accountability and momentum. With a regular call, email or touch base with your colleagues you will stay on track and achieve more. It is a proven formula.


The Industry Leaders Roundtable is by invitation only. Fill out this short form to see if you are a fit to join the Industry Leaders Roundtable in Australia, New Zealand, USA or Europe.

You Must be:

  • The Managing Director, CEO or Business Owner
  • Your are committed to raising the standard for your business
  • You and your company are open to innovative thinking
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