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Who Is The Chair - Industry Leaders Roundtable
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Who Is The Chair

Since 1994, Justin Tamsett has been involved with REX Roundtables initially as a member and now the Chair. He has now chaired over 160 Industry Leaders Roundtables after attending 31 as a member.

Why Does JT Do What He Does?

What Keeps JT Moving Forward?


Why Does JT Love Roundtables.

I have spoken to over 50,000 people in 18 years face to face, delivering 283 presentations, plus over 120,000 in the past 3 years via 6 on-line conferences.

2016 was the 11th consecutive year of running The Industry Leaders oundtables making it the longest running collaborative thinking group in Australia for fitness business owners. In 2016, I chaired 23 Roundtable meetings in Australia & the US.

We signed up 571 members to Active Management’s Silver Membership program in 2016. I would suggest this makes us the fastest growing on-line platform for fitness business owners.

I have helped Chantal take us to over 70,000 downloads and make the Fitness Business Podcast the number 1 podcast on the planet.

And finally, this year I have worked out as a consumer at quite a few places:

I share this with you not to impress you but impress upon that I am a very different business coach and facilitator in the worldwide fitness industry.

The Industry Leaders Roundtable is different to every other program available to professionally and personally develop you.

Let’s Have A Chat

The Industry Leaders Roundtable is a by invitation only. Fill out this short form to see if you are a fit to join the Industry Leaders Roundtable in Australia, New Zealand, the USA or Europe.

You must be:

  • The Managing Director, CEO or business owner.
  • You are committed to raising the standard for your business.
  • You and your company is open to innovative thinking.