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What Members Say - Industry Leaders Roundtable
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What Members Say

Being on a Roundtable is like having a board of directors for your business. They hold you accountable and question your numbers. This has kept my business on track and helped me transition from working 50 hours a week to 20 hours a week whilst having 3 kids. Getting out of my business 3 times a year for Roundtable meetings provides so much clarity around running my business, and the leadership, knowledge and guidance that Justin Tamsett provides is incredible. For anyone contemplating joining a Roundtable, just do it! It is the single BEST thing I’ve ever done in my business.

– Amber, Gym owner. Member of Club Owners Roundtable 2007 – present

It helps me to be better at my business. It gives me ideas I wouldn’t have though of. It also teaches me not to reinvent the wheel. If other owners have tried it and it wasn’t successful no matter how much I want to try, I don’t do it.

– Tracie, Anytime Fitness Franchise Owner, Member of US Anytime Fitness MCO Roundtable 2015-16

To summarize my feelings for the Roundtable, it is the best business decision I have ever made. Intense at times, it was thoroughly rewarding in every aspect. If you want to move out of your comfort zone and to the next level in business development I recommend it highly.

– Conn, Gym Managing Director. Member of Club Owners Roundtable 1992 – 2002

I have been a member of the Roundtable for almost 2 years now. In that time I have opened my own gym, increased my income and have some better systems in place in my business. I always knew the value of personal and professional development however it can be hard to keep consistent in this area. The roundtable keeps me accountable because we set goals at each meeting which are checked up on at the following meeting.

– David, PT Studio Owner, Member of NSW PT Roundtable 2016 – present

Spending time with people I trust and respect to share thoughts, ideas, experiences. Having them challenge me and my ideas and keep me accountable. JT and my Roundtable group not only give me ideas on how to improve my business and personal life but they help me do it.

– Greg, PT Studio Owner. Member of Victorian PT Roundtable 2015 – present

Independent business can be a lonely place. One mistake can mean the difference between thriving or not surviving. The Industry Leaders Roundtable puts you in a team of like minded PT owners who collaborate to share the best ideas so that everybody’s business wins. JT pulls it all together by providing the latest winning strategies from inside and outside the fitness industry, to keep you ahead of the curve in a highly competitive game. It’s the best value coaching you’ll get. As no competitors are on the same Roundtable, get on board now, or risk one of your competitors doing it first.

– Mark Richardson PT Studio Owner, Member of NSW PT Roundtable 2014-15

Networking with a group of like-minded business owners who I can review ideas and exchange supplier details with. When you’re a solo operator without a franchise head office the roundtable helps to keep you ahead of the game.

– Adam, PT Studio Owner, Member of NSW PT Roundtable 2014

Stepping away and truly looking at your business with the benefit of peer interaction is such a strong force in driving my business forward.

– Troy Morgan, Health Club Managing Director. Member 2013 – present

Being a small business owner, I had very limited opportunities to discuss business with other owners in similar positions. The Roundtable gives me this chance, its an opportunity to step out of my business and work on it, which i find extremely valuable. I have gained such great exposure and visions of progression by seeing other business in action and what is working for them. My business now has more systems in place and greater structure as a results of being on the Roundtable.

– Matt Fletcher, PT Business Owner, Member of NSW PT Roundtable 2016 – present


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